What Are The Benefits Of Health Insurance? What Are The Benefits Of Health Insurance?

What Are The Benefits Of Health Insurance?

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The biggest benefit of health insurance is peace of mind. With health insurance in place, you can be more confident about getting prompt treatment when you need it (it’s sometimes called private medical insurance, too).

There are over 65 million people in Britain. The men and women in our NHS do an incredible job but it’s hard to treat everyone quickly. Plus, we also tend to live longer lives. That means fewer resources all round.

With health insurance in place, care will be there when you need it. Every insurer’s policy is different, but these are common examples of health insurance benefits today:

1. Prompt diagnosis and treatment

You’ll avoid NHS queues. Having health insurance means you should always see a medical professional promptly. You won’t be waiting to get tests or a diagnosis.

2. Private hospital rooms

If you’re feeling ill, privacy is important. Health insurance should give you that peace of mind. More space, more comfort, more time with your family too.

3. Extended cancer care

One of the benefits of health insurance is extended cancer care. Private networks of nurses and specialists offer personal support. Policies allow for a wide range of treatments.

4. Access to new drugs

New drugs are being created all the time. The NHS might not be using these yet. Private health insurance is likely to cover a wider range of drugs.

5. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Another benefit of health insurance is access to complementary treatments. Things like physiotherapy sessions and other ways to recover after an injury or illness.

6. Second opinions

Many health insurance policies let you get more than one opinion from a range of specialists to give you the best result.

7. Private hospital care

There are hundreds of private hospitals and treatment centres, right across the UK. Your health insurer will give you a list, confirming which ones you can use. Some policies let you still choose care with the NHS and offer you a cash reward for doing so.

8. More support, when you need it

Many health insurance companies offer phone and video appointments with medical professionals. They also offer 24-hour helplines of all kinds, giving you support in minutes.

9. Lifestyle offers

Most of the insurers also offer discounts on products and services that help you to stay healthy. This often includes discounted gym memberships and health assessments.

10. Extra care to suit you

You might want to add additional therapies to your policy. Or a dental plan, or a care plan that involves opticians. The benefits of private health insurance are that you get to choose which options you include over and above the basic care.

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Bob Watts

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