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So you already have or have just bought a private medical insurance policy. Congratulations, you have taken a major step towards providing peace of mind for yourself and your family.

But have you bought a policy that will meet all your expectations should you have to make a claim or have you made your choice based only on premium, perhaps buying directly from a distributor who works on a non-advised basis, giving information only, but not making a recommendation and who is perhaps restricted to a single insurer in the marketplace?

If you have, you may not understand fully and clearly all the policy terms and conditions and the way in which the claims process would work. And if you have not taken advice, how will you know if you are getting maximum value for the price you have paid?

I would suggest you will only find out should you have to make a claim. Then will you find out if your expectations are met when, and if, your insurer confirms:

  • Your medical condition is covered by the policy terms and conditions
  • That the Consultant and Hospital you want to use is on their approved network
  • That all your medical bills will be covered in full and not subject to shortfalls

Sounds straightforward, but in reality, it’s very complex as each insurer will have different;

  • product covers,
  • underwriting rules for assessing pre-existing conditions,
  • consultant and hospital lists,
  • approach to reimbursement in full or with shortfalls, etc.

Too many times I have come across people who have been disappointed as their claim is declined or payment limited because either the medical condition is excluded as a pre-existing condition or there is some restriction on the policy that they did not understand when buying the policy.

In summary, to know and understand all of this complexity requires the help of an expert adviser, who will undertake a thorough assessment of your own personal requirements and, most importantly, your existing medical history. The adviser can then make a recommendation to you based on the best advice. It could be that another insurer offers better or equal cover at a lower price or that your existing policy is the best for your needs and price range at this current time.

Why use Better Health Insurance Advice?

We are a specialist broker and can offer free advice on products from the top four medical insurers, Aviva, AXAPPP, BUPA and Vitality Health. Check out our Feefo ratings to see what our customers say about us. Contact us and one of our professional advisors will help you get the best advice and true peace of mind.

Bob Watts – Managing Director, Better Health Insurance Advice

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*Based on the average across 465 private medical insurance policies sold between 1st August 2019 and 31st December 2019

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