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I’ve only just switched? Can I switch again?

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Sometimes, yes, it’s not a problem at all. Give us a call (have your current policy with you when you do), and we’ll find out.

We can explain more about the reasons to consider switching.

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Can I get health insurance for an illness I already have?

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It’s possible. But if you want to switch policies for any reason, talk to our expert team. We can look at your details, research the options, and find out if pre-existing conditions could be covered by another insurer.

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Why should I stay with my current policy?

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Sometimes, your personal situation might mean it’s a better idea to stick with the policy you’ve got. Give us a call (have your current policy with you when you do), and we’ll find out.

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My premiums have gone up, why?

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It’s not easy to tell, as every policy is different. But we’ve explained most of the reasons why your premiums might have gone up in this short guide.

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Is private medical insurance always better than the NHS?

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Private medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be treated promptly, which the NHS can’t always provide. Every policy is different, but this guide explains more about the common benefits in health insurance today.

Can you explain my policy to me?

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Yes. Our team is on hand to do just that – we’re happy to spend time going through the wordings, looking at your benefits, and explaining anything you don’t understand. You’ll find our contact details here.

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With health insurance, do I get to choose my hospital?

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Every insurer offers a slightly different network of private hospitals, but yes, in theory, you can make the choice. It’s important to note that you have the same option for NHS treatment. Call us. if you’d like to find out more…


Will my premiums go up if I make a claim?

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It’s likely, yes. The most important thing is to get the care you need. But if you’re unsure about claims, premiums, or the impact of using your benefits – give us a call. Our team are happy to talk your questions through with you.

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