Top 5 Reasons To Switch Health Insurance Top 5 Reasons To Switch Health Insurance

Top 5 Reasons To Switch Health Insurance

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Have you thought about switching health insurance? Did you know, it might be possible to switch private medical insurance before your renewal date? These are the top 5 reasons why people contact us to review their policies. They want to see if they can switch health insurance sooner rather than later.

1) A different insurer may bring down your premiums

When you compare health insurance, it’s not easy. They’re usually made up of modules – benefits that you add or take away from a basic level of cover – so it’s unlikely that two different insurers will offer 100% identical cover.

If the cover level is very similar, and it’s still the right cover level for you in your situation, then you may find that another insurer’s policy costs less than you’re paying now.

What’s important is you’ve still got the level of cover you need. We never, ever recommend a cheaper policy if it’s not giving you the right level of cover for your needs. However, on average, people bring down their premiums by 19%, saving £553 when switching policies with us – based on the average of 1,118 policies sold between 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018.

So, why not ask us? We offer free advice. We’ll check a range of policies for you. See if we can recommend one that’s still what you want, but with lower premiums than you’re paying now.

2) Another policy may have cover that’s more appropriate

Your life changes. The level of health insurance you bought then, might not be what you want or need now. The hard part is working out which benefits you’d be happy to give up, what you can’t take off or change about your policy – and, of course, what you can.

Dental care, for example. Alternative therapies. The amount of excess you’ve agreed to pay if you make an eligible claim – these are all things that might be affecting your premiums too.

We can talk through your current cover level over the phone. Our expert Healthcare Consultants know the policies we offer inside-out. We can look at a range of options for you and make an impartial comparison with those other policies’ benefits. Some insurers might offer more appropriate cover – usually at a lower premium – and we only work with insurers who offer 5-star Defaqto rated products.

3) The price of your premiums is going up

Age, medical conditions, claims, the general cost of living … there are many reasons why your insurer might be putting your premiums up.

We can’t guarantee to find you a less expensive policy with identical cover, but we will certainly try. We can talk about the cover options you have now. We can also look at other policies, to see if they’re still appropriate – but at a lower price.

4) You might get more benefits for the same money

Benefits vary from insurer to insurer. Where one company offers an app to help you track activity, another might have an online dashboard – showing how your health’s improving.

Or you might feel that cover for alternative therapies is more important than a dental plan.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants are very happy to talk through the options on more than one policy with you, over the phone. What’s important, is that you get 100% peace of mind – you’ve still got the right amount of cover for your situation, at the right price for your budget.

5) You may have had a poor experience with your insurer

Health insurers do understand that, when you make a claim, you’ve become a patient – you’re not just a customer. Still, things might not go as you expect them to. The claims process might feel complex, or you might not be getting the value you’d expected from your benefits.

If you’ve decided that you’re not satisfied with your current insurer, we’re happy to look at the cover you have in place and to make a recommendation on switching to another health insurance policy.

Your medical history or previous claims might lead us to recommend staying with your current insurer. But in every case, we’ll cast our expert eye over all aspects of your concerns. We’ll listen to what’s happened, and understand your concerns in full, before looking at alternatives.

It’s important to have health insurance you can trust.

Overall, the best way to make sure you‘re getting the best value for money is to review your health insurance policy regularly. Everyone’s situation is slightly different, so, before we make a recommendation, we’ll ask you questions about what level of cover is important to you.

Bob Watts
Bob Watts

Managing Director

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