Can a regulated broker give me impartial health insurance advice? Can a regulated broker give me impartial health insurance advice?

Can a regulated broker give me impartial health insurance advice?

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Comparing health policies can make your head spin. If you’re not an expert in health insurance, how can you work out which policy’s right for you? Ask an expert healthcare consultant.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants give you peace of mind

Our expert Healthcare Consultants get to know your situation just as well as they know the policies we offer.

Other brokers may offer a different type of service in which they can’t give advice. Their agents will ask questions and give you information. Then you choose the policy and the benefits you want to buy. These are called non-advised sales.

Here at Better Health Insurance Advice, we compare health insurance and make firm recommendations based on what you tell us, our understanding of the policies we provide and how they could meet your needs. We offer regulated advice.

What is regulated advice?

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the process of giving advice about insurance. We’re regulated to give you a recommendation on health insurance that’s based on your individual needs and meets your requirements. We’re an appointed representative of Vitality Corporate Services. We find out what’s important to you, we also ask about your health, your home life, and your budget too. And then we’ll walk you through the options available.

As a regulated insurance broker, our advice is impartial. We’ll only recommend a particular health insurance policy if we’re sure that’s the right decision. Every policy recommended has to be suitable and affordable for you.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants look at the bigger picture

We look at all the reasons why a policy may or may not be the right choice. That includes exploring pre-existing conditions and transferring your medical history.

This way, you can be sure you’re only paying for the cover you need and that you’re getting the private medical insurance you want – the right benefits, at an affordable premium.

Here’s an example.

Alex already has private medical insurance. He bought it for peace of mind about cancer treatment, as he knows some drugs can be available privately that may not be accessible on the NHS.

Money is tight, and Alex wants to bring his premiums down. He’s heard about an option called a “6 Week Wait”. The 6 Week Wait is an option that reduces your premium: as this option prevents you from using your health Insurance policy for treatment that the NHS can carry out within 6 weeks. For a full explanation of the 6 Week Wait click here.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants would find out Alex’s reasons for having private medical insurance, and what he’s expecting a policy to do specifically. Based on Alex’s main concern being cancer cover, we would not recommend that Alex includes the 6 Week Wait. The NHS does its best to treat cancer quickly and is likely to do so within 6 weeks. Alex couldn’t claim for cancer treatment if the 6 Week Wait was included.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants recommend the right policy

Comparing health policies isn’t easy. Health insurance is complex, and the documents usually have lots of technical medical underwriting terms.

What’s more, you’ll find that most policies are modular. They offer a ‘pick and mix’ of benefits and underwriting options. So, while the cover better reflects your needs, it may be hard to do a cover comparison. That’s where our advice comes in.

We know the policies we offer inside-out, and we can look at a number of different options. By getting to know your situation in detail, we can decide which one’s the best option for you. If there’s something on your wish-list that isn’t covered, then we’ll take care to point it out and, if we can, to find an alternative.

In fact, if we can’t recommend a suitable health insurance policy then we’ll say so and advise you to keep the one you’ve got. These are the benefits of working with a regulated firm that can offer free advice. It’s 100% peace of mind.

Bob Watts
Bob Watts

Managing Director

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