Review Your Health Insurance Policy With A Personalised Service Review Your Health Insurance Policy With A Personalised Service

Review Your Health Insurance Policy With A Personalised Service

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Reviewing your health insurance is a good idea. To be sure you have the right cover in place, we’ll do a personalised, free review for you and reassess your requirements every year, for the lifetime of your policy.

A personalised service starts with security

First of all, we’ll call you. We only contact people who’ve said we’re allowed to. We’ll run through a quick security check – it’s likely to be your details and some brief details about your health insurance policy.

Or, if you call us first, we’ll jump straight in and find out how we can help.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants work in your best interests

We’re an impartial health insurance broker. Every part of our service revolves around your needs. That includes making sure it’s a good time to talk. If it’s not, then we can call you back.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants take pride in making the phone ring when you’re expecting it – you can even book a call-back time to suit you, on our website.

Here’s how we work:

Step one – listening to you

Find out what’s most important to you is our priority. We give regulated advice for complete peace of mind. This means asking about your needs and your current private medical insurance policy – what it’s covering, what’s most important to you, and why you bought it.

If your health insurance is still doing a great job and there’s no reason to change it, then we’ll say so. On the other hand, if we know there’s a policy that could give you the same peace of mind but at a lower price, then our expert Healthcare Consultants can get a quote for you. We compare health insurance policies from a number of different insurers.

Q: Will I have to answer medical questions?

A: Yes, we’ll talk through your medical history over the phone. We do this to find out it pre-existing conditions would be continued with a new insurer. All of our expert Healthcare Consultants realise that some things are harder to talk about, but we’ll take it at your pace. There’s no rush.

Step two – working in your best interests

Sometimes, the best advice we can give is, “stay with your current policy”. If that’s the case, we might make a date with you to review it again in a year’s time, but we won’t worry you in-between. This is the benefit of working with a us – we’re always working in your best interests.

However, if you’ve had continuous cover for a number of years, the chances are we can save you money by switching to another insurer with the same or better cover.

  • We only recommend policies from insurers who offer 5-Star Defaqto rated products.
  • We only make a recommendation if you can switch without losing the cover you need.

You may have had a health insurance plan for a long time. Perhaps you’d like to compare it with newer policies to see if your premiums would come down with another insurer.

Maybe you just want some peace of mind about your current policy. We’re very happy to advise you on what you have now, and to see if we can recommend a better health insurance policy.

Important information

A new policy may exclude pre-existing conditions. But if a new policy needs full medical underwriting, there’s a chance that conditions covered on your existing policy might be excluded. We’ll make it clear if this is the case.

Health insurance is complex. Every insurer offers slightly different cover, particularly when it comes to modular policies – the ‘pick and mix’ of benefits and underwriting options.

This is where you can trust our expertise. As a regulated insurance broker, our advice is impartial. Our expert Healthcare Consultants know the policies we offer inside-out – we look at several options – and one of the team will call you back promptly with a firm recommendation.

If you’d like to go ahead, then we’ll contact the medical underwriters and ask if they’re happy to insure you with your medical history as it is now. We’ll also ask them for their best terms.

Our expert Healthcare Consultants will then give you another call to make sure you’re happy with our recommendation and to walk through the new policy’s cover, explaining how it will apply to you.

Step three – taking care of everything

If we’ve found a better health insurance policy, then we’ll get the ball rolling on the paperwork. Making the transfer from one insurer to another, is much more straight forward and less paperwork than you might think.

Then, when everything’s in place, we’ll send out a new policy pack in the post. It’ll have some documents in it that confirm what you were looking for and how we helped you to find that policy.

And lastly, in a few weeks’ time, you’ll get a quick call from your personal Account Manager.

He or she will make sure you’re getting maximum value from all the benefits of your policy. That includes taking advantage of any ways to bring your premiums down, year on year.

Giving you Peace of Mind

Our promise to every customer is the same: we’ll do a personalised, free Peace of Mind check for you every year, for the lifetime of your health insurance policy.

  • If there’s something you’d like to change, we’ll handle it for you.
  • And if you’ve got any questions – we’ll be here to find the answers.
Bob Watts
Bob Watts

Managing Director

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