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We understand that health insurance can be complex. We only work with the top health insurers in the UK, who offer the best products, but how do you know which is right for you?

Our free advice, thorough research and firm recommendation will make sure you have a policy that’s better for you.

Experts you can trust

Bob Watts
Managing Director

Gemma is our go-to champion for technical integrity as a company offering a financial service.

Gemma Parsons
Technical Director

David has a real passion for making sure every customer receives an excellent service from us.

David Stowers
Client Services Director

Charley up-skills our new recruits and updates the team with product news.

Charley Barnes
Sales Training Manager

Danni's team are our technical experts – making sure you get the right policy for your needs.

Danni Peart
Quality Assurance Manager

Amanda and her team answer your calls and find out first how we can help you best.

Amanda Bowman
Head of Customer Contact

Jake is just one of the team who’ll be here to answer any questions you have about your healthcare policy.

Jake Miller
Personal Account Manager

Will’s an expert in healthcare policies. – he’ll recommend what’s just right for you

Will Bright
Healthcare Consultant

Lynette and her team are here to help with the paperwork, making sure it’s all spot on.

Lynette Elton
Customer Services

Looking for general advice?

We’re here to help. Private medical insurance is complex. We can explain how policies work, what medical terms mean, and what might be involved in getting a better policy.

Our Peace of Mind Check is just that – it’s free advice to answer all of your health insurance questions.

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