Lim's Review (62)

Mainly, it was the price. Aidan set my policy up and he’s now my account manager. He’s helped me a lot. I can always call, he’s there to help – and I’m very, very happy with him.

The Problem

Lim was about to cancel her policy due to its price, leaving herself uninsured. As someone we knew, Aidan contacted Lim to find out if we could help. Lim explained that she’d like peace of mind about the quality of care a policy would provide, avoiding waiting times.

The Solution

Aidan went through Lim’s existing medical conditions and her wish-list of cover options. Knowing her details well, Adain recommended a policy that would cover her for outpatient consultations, without needing a 6-week option. Lim made the switch to that policy, and Aidan, who’s her personal Account Manager now, has recently helped her to renew that insurance with a 10% reduction on her premiums for loyalty.

Our consultant's summary

"It’s always a pleasure to speak with Lim. Several times, she’s mentioned that it’s comforting to know I’m a direct point of contact if she has any queries."
- Aidan James

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