Sara’s knowledge and honesty were impressive – I stayed with my current policy.

The Problem

Brian and Christine have separate private medical insurance policies. They wanted to try and reduce their costs, but they were worried about the impact their existing medical conditions might have on switching to a different insurer.

Brian had already made a claim. They were both worried that, by switching providers, exclusions might be added that could affect claims in the future.

The Solution

Our Healthcare Consultant, Sara, spoke to Brian at length. Talking through the couple’s medical history in detail, Sara noted every aspect of the cover being provided by the current policy. Sara then referred all of that information to our insurers to see if a new policy could provide the same or similar cover without any exclusions. Unfortunately, the insurers said no, not without increasing the premiums. Although this wasn’t the best news, Sara shared all the details in a phone call and advised Brian that their best option was to stay put with their current provider. This way, they’d be in a position to continue with cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

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*Based on the average across 465 private medical insurance policies sold between 1st August 2019 and 31st December 2019

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